July 30, 2019
VIDEO: The History of CT Calcium Scoring (Dr. Arthur Agaston)
Imaging Technology News

July 30, 2019
Puerto Rico Se Levanta (“Puerto Rico Rises”): From Denial and Passivity to Action and Hope (Dr. Carissa Caban-Aleman)
Psychiatric Times

July 28, 2019
La amenaza de la bacteria “come carne” no solo está en el mar: también puede hallarse en las ostras sin cocinar (Dr. Aileen Marty)

July 25, 2019
Meet our newest Ph.D.  (Chet Ojha, PhD)

July 22, 2019
Americas Interventional Radiology Market 2019 Key insights By MRI, Ultrasound imaging, CT scan, Angiography| Worldwide Applications- Cardiology, Oncology, Urology & Nephrology  (Dept. of Interventional Radiology)
Digital Journal

July 17, 2019
Medical student chosen to do research at NIH  (Reinier Alvarez, M3)
FIU News

July 10, 2019
You Could Be Risking an Infection With Nail Dipping (Dr. Martin Zaiac)
You Could Be Risking an Infection With Dip-Powder Manicures

July 10, 2019
Refractive Surprises: What To Do Next (Dr. William B. Trattler)
Review of Ophthalmology

July 9, 2019
New Department of Interventional Radiology (Dr. Barry Katzen)

July 5, 2019
Faculty member becomes one of nation’s first physicians certified as ethics consultant (Dr. Rebeca Martinez)

July 1, 2019
Executive Order on Hospital Price Transparency May Prompt Disclosure of Negotiated Prices (Dr. Eneida Roldan)
Florida Health Industry Week In Review

July 1, 2019
From med school to the Met  (Rishi Rane, M4)
FIU News