October 31, 2019
Dr. Ana Viamonte Ros and Chika Nwosu, M4, discuss human trafficking https://soundcloud.com/wlrn/647pm-palm-beach-county-school-board-may-sue-an-e-cigarette-manufacturer
WLRN Radio

October 31, 2019
A physician’s most powerful tool Karina Hofstee, M4

October 15, 2019
Connor Joins Hamilton Physician Group – Specialty Care

(Lee Connor, MD’14)
Hamilton Health Care System

October 11, 2019
Una mamografía puede ser la diferencia ante el cáncer y Paola Gutiérrez muestra lo rápido
Despierta America/Univision

October 11, 2019
The Understand Atopic Dermatitis Squad: How a Teen’s Experience with a Chronic Skin Disease Has Sparked a New Initiative (Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez)
Affinity Magazine

October 8, 2019
The rising health threats of a hot planet (Dr. Cheryl Holder)
Viral Things

October 4, 2019
A Physician’s Most Powerful Tool  (Karina Hofstee, M$)