Elan Baskir and Greisy Martinez-Harvell tied for the award.

For the first time since inception, the Robert Kemper, M.D., Award for Professionalism in Medicine is being shared by two HWCOM students: Elan Baskir and Greisy Martinez-Harvell.

“This is the first time we have had a tie and we made arrangements so that each student gets the full award, said Dr. Eugenio Rothe, Director of the Professional Behavior Course at the College of Medicine.

The award , which includes $1000 for continuing medical education, is sponsored by the Key Biscayne Foundation to honor the memory of Dr. Robert Kemper, a beloved Key Biscayne physician whose life was cut short by cancer in 2011. It is given to a final-year student who throughout medical school exemplified Dr. Kemper’s ideals and demonstrated a series of traits including respect for patients, faculty, staff, and peers; compassion; courtesy; and dedication to the ethical practice of the medical profession.